Harris RF Waveform Generators


RF Waveform Generators         (Click here to contact Schoenduve for more details)

  • As small as 3” x 4” x 0.7”; VPX, VME and custom available
  • Fixed RF center frequencies from VHF to 26 GHz
  • DDS sampling rate of 5 Gsps
  • Chirp (linear and non-linear), Pulsed RF, FM, PM, AM, QPSK, QAM
  • Reference input of 100 MHz (standard)
  • DC power as low as 12 watts depending on RF coverage
  • Fast Waveform Sequencing
    • On-board "Waveform Sequencer" available
    • Number limited only by memory size
    • Allows generation of arbitrary waveforms
    • Multiple modulation techniques
    • Waveform changes in nanosecond intervals

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