Harris RF Synthesizer


RF Synthesizers  (Click here to contact Schoenduve for more details)

  • As small as 3” x 4” x 0.7”; VPX, VME and custom
  • DC to 26 GHz  
  • 150 nanosecond tuning time, any frequency to any frequency
  • ~ 0 settling time
  • Down to -90 dBc spurious for S-band and below
  • -65 dBc spurious at 24 GHz
  • < 1 Hz frequency step size
  • Reference input of 100 MHz (standard)
  • 12-25 watts DC power depending on RF coverage
  • Our standard offerings use our internally developed FPGA-based DDS's
  • Phase coherency is available, and the user can directly control both phase and frequency for  generation of waveforms
  • Ability to directly load the phase accumulator if so desired
  • Supports pulses, chirps, linear and non-linear waveforms and modulation


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