Resistors:  Surface Mount (0402)     -    Wire Bond (0202)

ATC 504L Series Ultra-Broadband Surface Mount Resistors

ATC Thin Film Technologies is pleased to introduce the 504L Series next generation of surface mount Ultra-Broadband Resistors.  This product was designed with our proprietary Glass Sandwich Flexiterm Technology, (GSFT).  The Flexiterm is a surface mountable automotive qualified termination that adds an extra margin against damage due to flexture during installation.

The 504L Series has been designed with high quality selected materials that yield excellent performance.  It can be supplied as either frequency compensated or non-compensated.  This product is ideal for use in Optical Transceiver Modules or any application requiring excellent ultra-broadband performance.


504L resistor.png
  • DC to 20 GHz Operating Frequency
  • 0402 EIA Case Size
  • 125mW Power Rating
  • -40 to +125 degrees C Operating Temp.
  • 100% Laser Timming for Tight Tolerances
  • RoHS Compliant

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ATC WBR1 Series Ultra-Broadband Wire Bond Resistors

ATC Thin Film Technologies is pleased to offer the WBR1 Series precision Wire Bondable Resistors.  This product was designed specifically for applications that require stable thermo-compression, ultrasonic or epoxy die attachment.  This device is built in an 0202 chip outline and is ideal for but not limited to hybrid circuit applications.

The WBR1 utilizes our proprietary SiCr thin film resistor.  This results in extremely tight tolerances and superior Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).  Tolerance of +/- 0.1%, with absolute TCR of +/-25ppm/degreesC is available.  The WBR1 offers excellent stability and reliability and is suitable for the most demanding applications.


  • 2.5K to 250K Ohm Resistance Range
  • Custom Resistance values to 10M Ohms and aluminum bond pads available
  • 0202 Outline Size
  • Gold Wire Bondable
  • Top Contact / Bottom Isolated
  • A-Face Value Marking

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